Heidi’s Selling Guide

What does the selling process look like? Allow me to guide you, step by step.

Step 1: The Initial Meeting
I will come and meet you at your house. We will discuss the details of your home including its age, square footage, recent renovations and what you love about the home. This will help me with doing a Current Market Analysis of your home. A Current Market Analysis is a report which shows you the current listings which would be your direct competition, recent sales of similar properties and any listings that were recently taken off the market that compares to yours. If you are happy with me and would like to proceed we will sign a Multiple Listing Contract to start listing your property for sale.

Step 2: Let the Research Begin
I will be doing a lot of background work for your property. Interested Buyer’s will like to know things like what the current zoning allows, are there any septic records, any well records, have any recent permits been taken out. I will work with Island’s Trust, The Vancouver Island Health Authority, The Archeological Branch of British Columbia, The Capital Regional district and other authorities to gather this information on your behalf. I will also prepare professional floor plans of your home to provide to potential Buyers. Along with the visit to your home, I will use this research to help you come to a listing price that we can defend.

Step 3: Staging the Home
Before we put your home on the market it is very important that we show the home in the best light possible for the photographs and for the potential Buyer’s who will be seeing your property on-line and in person. To do this you will need to clean, declutter and I can help you decide if furniture needs to be moved around and which repairs or renos are worth considering. A well shown home is a must. Many people cannot look past what is before their eyes. I always tell people to prepare their home to the point that they do not want to move anymore. Then you know it is ready to show.

Step 4: Marketing
After your home is ready the photographers will come in and take photos of your home. The first-place people will see your home is on a photograph. We need the photos to be enticing so people make appointments to come and see your home in person. I will place your photos along with a description, supporting documents and other details on the Victoria Real Estate Board Multiple Listing Service. Your home will also be advertised in local magazines such as Islands Real Estate, The Vancouver Sun, MacRealty.com, www.HeidiKuhrt.com, www.Realtor.ca., MacDonald Realty Luxury if applicable, and other sites

Step 5: Showings
Co-operating Realtors will request showings for your interested clients.  They will contact me to arrange for an appointment.  Most appointments are an hour long.  They will need access to all rooms of your house and it is better if they have privacy. To allow for this, we will place a lockbox with access keys on your property. Realtor’s can then bring their clients in on their schedule and their clients will have an easier time picturing themselves living in your home without you or I there to disturb them. I will be available to do showings for member’s of the public who are not currently working with a realtor. And will be available via phone, email and text to answer questions from other Realtors and interested parties

Step 6: Offer
When someone is interested in your home their Realtor will present us with an offer. I will come to your house to discuss the offer with you and what our options are. The main points of discussion are usually price, dates and subjects. I will negotiate on your behalf to get you a Contract of Purchase and Sale that you feel comfortable with.  After a contract is signed the Buyer’s usually get a period of time to do their due diligence. This is called the Subject Removal Period. During this time they will do a home inspection with a Certified Home Inspector, have a septic inspector come by, do a WETT inspection. They may even bring an engineer in or a contractor. This will all be coordinated with through me. Once the Buyer’s have done their due diligence and if they are satisfied, they will Remove Subjects and put a deposit in the Trust Account of their Realtor to be held there until Completion Date.

Step 7: Lawyers and Move Out
Now the real work begins. You will need to start making plans of where to go next. If you are needing to buy new home, I will assist you in locating one or locating a Realtor who can help. You will need to move all your items that are not included in the sale out of the house. The house is expected to be clean and empty for the new Owners on move in day.

About a week before Completion Day, your lawyer or Notary will contact you in regards to signing papers to discharge the mortgage and placing the new Owner’s on title. This will be done in their office. I will make sure they have the documents and information they need.