Meet Heidi


Buying property on Salt Spring Island is more than just purchasing real estate. You are deciding to become part of a community. My job is to help you find your place here. This will be the place where you'll do business, make friends, send your kids to school, volunteer, work, and play. There are many smaller communities on the island and each have their own unique offerings, both geographically and philosophically. I can help you find your tribe.

I will sit and listen to you. If you are thinking of moving to Salt Spring Island I will help narrow down your needs versus your wants, to understand what is truly important to you, both in terms of your new home, but also the community at large. I can help you visualize the potential in properties and provide you with honest feedback. I’m passionate about matching people to the right property, and I truly care about making the experience a good one. One in which you feel in control, educated, and listened to.

Let me guide you throughout the entire process, starting with establishing your search criteria, securing financing and getting the most value for your money, helping you arrange and assess inspections, working with various layers of the government, as well as dealing with negotiations, contracts, and lawyers.

If it is time to sell your property I will work with you to showcase it to the right people. Not every property is for every person. It is important for me to understand what the best things about your property are and the area it is in. This will help not only establish a selling price but will also help in the search for the right buyer. I will also do the research for you on past comparable sales, help you show your house to its best by suggesting staging ideas, bring in professional photographers, order floor plans to be drawn up, and discuss what is possible for the property with the various layers of government. Selling your home is not just a simple matter of putting it on the Multiple Listing Service. It is marketing, researching, organizing, and negotiating.

I have 15 years of experience as a REALTOR® in Vancouver, Bowen Island, and Salt Spring Island. I have owned a variety of properties, including strata, an older house, a brand-new house, land, and commercial property.

Before delving into Real Estate and becoming a licensed realtor, I studied Biology, Geography, and earned a Degree in Science at UBC. I then went to Graduate School and studied Architecture for one year at the University of Calgary. I worked for several years as a draft person and designer for a boutique architecture firm in Yaletown, Vancouver, before becoming a REALTOR®.

I am married to David, we have two wonderful children and a dog. After our family spent a year in Peru in 2017, where I studied pottery and Spanish, and worked at a home for abandoned children, we moved from Bowen Island to Salt Spring Island in 2018, where we built our own house on raw land. I have valuable, first-hand knowledge of what it is like to be on the buying end of finding a home on the island.

I enjoy swimming in the ocean and the many lakes on Salt Spring Island, love reading, creating art, hiking, and above all, cooking. Salt Spring was attractive to me and my family because we enjoy a tight-knit, rural lifestyle where you know your neighbours. It is important to me to have ready access to delicious, locally grown food and that my kids go to school in their own community. Salt Spring Island checked off all these boxes.