Government and Infrastructure

Salt Spring Island is not a municipality. Land use planning and regulation fall broadly under the jurisdiction of the Capital Regional District (CRD) and the Islands Trust.

The CRD is responsible for:

It is important to know if a property falls within a CRD water system, or if it will need to be serviced by a well. Click this link to find a map of the areas that are serviced by community water systems of the North Salt Spring Water District. For detailed information of specific areas, please visit this link.

Very few areas on Salt Spring Island have public sewage hook ups. The Ganges sewer service provides local sewage collection and treatment for the community of Ganges on Salt Spring Island. Click this link for a map of what is covered by the Ganges sewer service. Most areas, however, are serviced by private septic systems that are under the jurisdiction of the Public Health Act.

Zoning Regulations
Zoning is regulated by the Islands Trust and each property needs to be individually reviewed for zoning regulations. The Salt Spring Island Land Use Bylaw No. 355 webpage contains land use policy and zoning maps which are very detailed and show lot boundaries. This PDF link provides detailed explanation of each zone and what is allowed.

Healthcare Facilities
Salt Spring Island has family doctors, dentists, an optometrist, and many other health care practitioners, including the Kings Lane Medical Clinic. In addition, there is the Lady Minto Hospital, which offers a wide range of services, including palliative care, obstetric, psychiatric, medical imaging, endoscopy, physiotherapy, internal medicine and laboratory services. BC Ambulance can transfer patients by ferry or helicopter to the mainland. The island also has several pharmacies.